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The Ecological Angle of Curating

Compiled for Curators Anonymous session #3

By 2050, each person must reduce his/her annual footprint to two tons of CO2 to avoid severe global warming. BUT: US and Australia emissions are currently 16 tons per person, UK 7 tons and Belgium 20! PROBLEM: Art insurers won’t insure least expensive, most efficient, least CO2 emitting shippers.





The Current Legal and Socio-economic Position of the Curator in Belgium

Compiled for Curators Anonymous session #1

Thinking about transparency and the multi-vectored gaps in pay, employees of art institutions have started sharing their salaries in a public Google Spreadsheet. As it is currently mostly US-centered, please add Belgian examples:

The sheet of all sheets:

To add new details:

Further resources: (full list)

Background: Art Workers Circulate Public Spreadsheet To Promote Salary Transparency, Reveal Pay Gaps, Artforum, 31 May 2019